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Event EMS

From private events of 5 people to city festivals with over 20,000 in attendance, we can put a plan together that will provide your event with the very best onsite medics and the best care for your event’s participants. Your special event has unique needs and that requires highly trained providers that can adapt to any situation. Our event medics are set to the highest of standards and this starts before the event does. From day one you will be assigned with a dedicated EMS coordinator that will work with you every step of the way. Following a risk assessment and staffing analysis, we will provide your event with dedicated emergency responders.

Basic Life Support

Our first aid staff is comprised of state-certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and have the qualifications and equipment to provide you with basic life support. Our capabilities include:
• Basic Airway Management
• Application of Dressings and Bandages
• Spinal Stabilization
• Immobilization of Injured Extremities
• Monitoring Vital Signs
• Administration of CPR

Advanced Life Support

For more advanced care, we are able to provide regionally-certified Paramedics who are equipped to provide basic life support, in addition to:
• Advanced Airway Management
• Cardiac Monitoring and Defibrillation,
• IV Administration of Hydration Fluids and Life Saving Drugs
• Ability to Handle Severe Medical Emergencies

Bike Teams

Our bike teams are available for events where a highly-visible medical presence is desired such as festivals, street fairs or 5Ks. Our teams will be equipped with all necessary basic life support equipment and will patrol your event, ensuring your guests' peace of mind that medical assistance is always nearby.